TEL develops Lease Purchase programs utilizing our three-party win philosophy. This philosophy enables Carriers to reduce fixed costs and grow and retain capacity, along with enabling Owner-operators to afford reliable New and/or Late Model trucks. Our Lease Purchase programs have become cornerstones of recruiting and retention for our Carrier clients.

TEL continually purchases a variety of new and used trucks for our Lease Purchase programs, enabling client Carrier's recruiters the ability to offer variety without capital investment, while benefiting from a third-party arms-length transaction between the owner-operator and TEL.


Carrier Benefits:

  • Lower CapEx for new trucks

  • Lower interest costs

  • Easy access to update fleet

  • Proven low annual turnover rates (20% - 46%)

  • All “Non-Operational” lease administration handled by TEL

  • No truck maintenance or liquidation administration required

Program Basics:

  • Third-party arms-length financial transaction

  • Carrier makes payments to TEL from operator's settlement

  • Operator maintenance escrow required

  • 24/7/365 Breakdown Service

  • World class suite of Operator services