TEL Recommended Maintenance Intervals - Freightliner

  • Grease job every 20-25k

  • Oil filter change every 30k; this is known as a “Dry Oil Change” at some service locations

  • Full oil change every 60k with 10w30 semi-synthetic oil - TEL recommends Rotella t5

    The above intervals are per the manufacturer; oil changes can be done sooner, if you prefer.

  • Replace the Davco fuel filter as needed (Level in the clear bowl will rise as the filter clogs).

  • Replace the fuel filters on the engine about every other oil change.

  • Replace the engine air filter every 90-100k miles.

  • Replace the cabin air filter as needed. If you have a pet, this will need to be changed more often.

  • Air dryer Coalescent filter must be replaced every 150,000 miles (Freightliner filter must be used). Failure to replace this can cause emission system related issues.

  • Drain your air tanks daily to prevent moisture build up in the air system which can damage emissions and transmission components.

Download the DETROIT™ DD15 Maintenance Interval Sheet