Truck Damage from Accident or Incident First Steps

  1. Secure the scene.
  2. Call your insurance provider. Make sure you write down the claim number. An adjuster may not be assigned until the next business day. Notify your partner carrier.
  3. Notify TEL within 48 hours of the incident. Business hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Our phone number is: 866-365-3741

Minor Damage Drivable

  1. Take the truck to an OEM repair facility and have them get you an estimate for repairs.
  2. If the estimate is over your deductable, call your adjuster and inform TEL within 48 hours.

Severe Damage

  1. Typically, the police will arrange for the tow and the truck will usually be taken to the tow service lot until the adjuster can assess the damage.
  2. Call your adjuster. Your adjuster will determine what repairs are needed, the cost, and the facility to complete the repair. The adjuster may opt to move the truck to another facility that gives them better pricing.


  1. TEL (866-365-3741) will need proof-of-repair pictures once repairs are complete.