Doug Carmichael


Doug Carmichael, CEO/COB

As Managing Member of Transport Enterprise Leasing, LLC, Doug Carmichael is responsible for the overall operations of the organization. His truck industry experience spans more than 35 years, beginning in the 1980s as an owner/operator, then progressing to a small fleet owner, and truck sales brokerage business owner. Doug also has held management roles at the commercial truck dealerships of MHC Kenworth and Truck Country.

In 2003, Doug returned to business ownership and management activities with Transport Enterprises, Inc. (TE) and Transport Enterprise Leasing, LLC (TEL). Since its inception, TEL has grown successfully in its wholesale and leasing activities, while TE manages all of the truck sales for the Covenant Transportation Group. Doug is an active member of the Used Truck Association and several regional state trucking associations.

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